About The Festival

Kapıkayafest aims to bring together national and international athletes and natüre enthusiasts every year in July, offering various sports disciplines under one roof. With the slogan “Live Nature, Live Sports!” the festival seeks to emphasize the importance of sports and athletes for a sustainable World.

Located within the boundaries of Kapıkaya in Bafra’s Asar neighborhood, the festival promises “limitless fun” for 5 days and 4 nights. Just a reminder, this festival is unlike any other you have experienced. Don’t believe it? Just ask the 25.000 paople from all over Türkiye who attend the festival!

The uniqe charm of the Kızılırmak River decorates Kapıkaya with a variety of activities on both land and air. From paragliding to acrobatic shows, canoeing to ziplining, cycling to cultural tours, hking to mountaineering and hosting many other entertaining event taht take the fun to the next level.

For those who claim “I take the best photos”, the festival brings them together at the Photographers Marathon, contributing to capturing the unique landscapes of Kapıkaya.

Participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy and have a good time with diverse workshops in the camp and its surroundings. In the evenings, the entertainment will continue as participants gather around the campfire, listening to the sounds of natüre under the stars.

In addition to these, participants and athletes who register through the festival’s website will be provided with free meals by Bafra Municipality at desigated times. Moreover, local residents will sell local products at dedicated stands in the festival area, while commercial establishments will offer necessary products as affordable prices.

Exciting Activities: Paragliding, acrobatic shows, trekking, mountaineering, canoeing, scouting activities, jet skiing, boat trips, ATV safari, Photographers Marathon, Bird Paradise and regional tours, bicycle races, workshop sessions, traditional sports, award-winning competitions…etc. And much more awaits you at Kapıkayafest this July.

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